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onlog : Collaboration-Power for your Corporate Supply Chain

The onlog-Value-Chain will not just boost your international Sourcing and Distribution but also it will help you closing up new Resources and Markets and it will improve your Supply Chain's Transparency, Quality and Reliability.

onlog provides your Enterprise with Professional Supply Chain Services and enables Outsourcing Corporate Supply Chain and Logistics Functions with fully integrated Processes and Structures.

onlog provides the following Service-Levels:

onlog B2B service channels

"Bronze"-Services / Hub-Functions

With this Category onlog enables the integration of Smaller and Smallest Suppliers (B & C Suppliers) besides Big and/or Regular ones (A) to the Network and Supply Chain of Corporate Supply Chains. B- and C-Suppliers are linked with manual or semi-integrated tools to the fully integrated onlog-Supply-Network. onlog is continuously following up their performance according the agreed Services Levels. Besides the Process-Integration also Inbound- and Outbound-Transports and Hub-Handling, Customs administration (etc.) are part of onlog-"Bronze"-Services.

"Silver"-Services / Trade-Functions

The onlog-Silver-Category includes all Hub-Services and closes up further possibilities. While the "hub"-Functions are typically limited to the Consolidation and Delivery of Premanufactured, Commissioned or "Taylormade" Materials the newly added "Trade"-Functions provide the Value-Chain with more possibilities and potential Savings. onlog can become owner of the transferred materials but it can also manage all other forms of Materials Management such as "Vendor Managed Inventory" or external Warehouse to a Supplier. onlog provides also all types of Commissioning.

"Gold"-Services / Link-Functions

The onlog-"Link"-Functions include all possible Services that have to be provided by a Supply Chain. Of course it comprehends "Hub"- and "Trade"-functions but it opens a wide Field of Services that regularly become mayor concerns of big Logistics-Services-Suppliers (LSP) or Industries. Such "Gold"-Services can e.g. consist of a Fiscal Representation in a foreign Market or it can be the Management of logistically complex Projects. The onlog-"Gold"-Services may also contain "Handcraft" such as Confectioning of goods (cutting to length or adapting to national standards) or the seaworthy packaging and stuffing of goods.

As the above illustration and comments show - onlog comprehends all phases and processes of a corporate Supply Chain: Sourcing - Hub-Services (Core) - Distribution and Demand-management. Of course onlog provides its Partners and potential Clients with award-winning top level Supply-Chain-Know-how to provide them with more effective and efficient Networks.